Tesla Roadster: No replacement before 2015


It had anticipated a time period 2013/2014 could see land as the replacement for the Tesla Roadster. The last indiscretions, should arm themselves with a little more patience since would be now unanimously approved the year 2015.

Tesla Roadster

Since even the best evokes more reasonable range 2015/2016 … While the first generation of the Tesla Roadster the Elise-like 0 emission, had not allowed the American mark to gain the least dollar, now it is the sedan S (and short-term crossover X) to allow to the constructor to gather in deniers. We also can not forget to mention in this wider range that presented a time as anti BMW 3 Series but obviously animated by the magic of electricity.

This different programmed launching and the career of the sedan S starting finally, the replacement for the Tesla Roadster (developed inside therefore) is not an actual preference. And thus evoke an appearance in 2015, the range 2015/2016 seem more credible. For the record, unless changed, the future roadster should also be based on the same platform as the sedan S.

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