Jaguar F-Type: on the road to success


This is the first premier that can already be described as very positive even though official confirmation request that could make the British brand in the coming hours or days.

Jaguar F-Type

How indeed do not be satisfied with these first encrypted echoes (if true it goes without saying) even when the career of the new car range has not yet officially started … Discovered on the hushed aisles of 2012 Paris Auto Show, the Jaguar F-Type would have therefore started its career in a very spectacular way. According to a British site, Jaguar would have already registered two thousand pre-orders.

A sacred departure for a car whose commercialization will start the next year (spring) and that Jaguar hopes to take on a full year to 6,000 or 7,000 pieces. This website further indicates that the vast majority of orders come from the old continent … This augurs better numbers even when the new continent will follow the trend with an arrival in dealerships in May 2013.

Recall that in market, you can become the owner of the feline roadster from €73 800 in the entry-level engine delivering 340 hp.

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