Porsche 918 Spyder: charming indiscretions tariff


If the future Porsche 918 Spyder series has not yet been fully and formally detailed by the manufacturer of Zuffenhausen, known already outline for several weeks. And while the development of future hybrid supecar enters its final stretch, now tumble many indiscretions on the tariff.

Porsche 918 Spyder

To be clear it is question of rumors, Porsche not having communicated from its part on these different figures… If it will not be available before next year suite at its full presentation, the next Porsche 918 Spyder logically continues to talk about it. New indiscretions have finally confirmed what we already knew.

The next rechargeable hybrid supercar will combine a V8 4.6 L developing 570 hp with two electric motors, one located at the front and one at the rear, for a combined output of 795 hp and 780 Nm at 1000 tr/min and 4000 tr/min, the whole being combined with the PDK dual-clutch gearbox.

And if Porsche has nothing said about this, it is an order of magnitude of the tariff plan tumbling … Unofficially, the price of appeal would appear to €768,026, a rate of climb can be very consistent through the options box. Yes, very accordingly.

It evokes €47,000 for a livery Liquid Metal (and € 60,000 with protective tape), €29 750 for a set of four magnesium rims, some €20 000 for the fast charging system, €6,545 for carbon pack on board, €17,731 for a set of bags of luggage when the Bill should pass to €839 426 with the Weissach pack to enjoy a set to tease on circuit with a gain of weight of the order 35 kg, etc

Exclusive and expensive, the Porsche 918 Spyder should be fully revealed in September posing as the star of the Frankfurt Motor Show. You have less than a year to put some money aside … Fortunately the green bonus should save a few thousand euros…

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