The luxury brand of Japanese automaker continues to orchestrate the tour lounges for its various concepts. So after highlighted at the show in New York, Infiniti presents the concept in the aisles of the World of the Automobile in Paris.

Infiniti LE Concept

First 100% electric car at Infiniti, still in concept as a state indicated by its surname, THE concept is already committed to a career. The confirmation is signed Bernard Loire. “The Infiniti LE Concept is a concept dedicated to a series outcome. What you see today will become essentially a reality. Without doubt it is still too early to confirm the exact time and place marketing” confirms who served as vice president of Infiniti Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Mixed asphalt carpets there is therefore only one step. Big or small, the future will tell.

For the rest of the technical, the Concept is presented in the guise of a 4-door sedan length of 4.70 m driven by an electric motor of 100 kW, about 134 hp and 325 Nm. The claimed battery reaches 160 km.

Still on a technical level, there are a pack of lithium-ion batteries of 24 kWh. With rapid charger type CHAdeMO to current 50kW content, it is possible to recharge the battery in 30 minutes at 80% capacity. Technological and stylistic study, the concept should become a reality in 2014.

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