Mercedes B Class Electric Drive


Electric cars have beautiful beginnings rather cautious on the market so far, all major manufacturers prepare for battle to be ready “just in case”. In the case of Mercedes, it is the Class B which is devoted entirely by electrifying and winning it by the same occasion the name of Electric Drive.

B Class Electric Drive

It is for the moment, this is a concept but Mercedes indicates that the model seen in the Porte de Versailles is close to a model of series planned to arrive on the market in 2014. Manufacturers are divided into two main camps in the realization of electric vehicles: those who create cars completely specific, as Nissan with the Leaf, and those who electrify an existing model. This is the case of Mercedes with the B-Class Electric Drive stands at first a Class B thermal by little outside its electric blue format.

B Class Electric Drive boasts a power of 136 horsepower (100 kW all round) and a battery life of 200 km, thanks to the Lithium Ion batteries located in the floor to the center of the vehicle in front of the rear wheels.

Mercedes said no more for the moment this car which a priori does not revolutionize the electricity supply, especially being silent on the rates provided; it is still a bit far for that. Appointment in two years to see if this concept will be transformed effectively in car series.

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