Chevy Corvette – Ultimate Name in American Sports Car


Corvette from Chevrolet is often referred to as the original American sports car. Built in six generations spanning almost six decades, Corvette is one of the world’s best known sports cars. The vehicle has come a long way from its humble six cylinder beginnings and the C6 (sixth generation Corvette car) boasts of a 628 horsepower. Since the car’s inception in 1953, each generation generally spans for a time period 10 years, when it is replaced by a newer generation.

Chevy Corvette

The current day Corvette is available primarily in four main trims namely – the base Corvette, Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport. The base model and Grand Sport are also available in convertible body styles and removable roof tops.

Z06 and ZR1 are extremely high performance trim levels and due to the ultrahigh top speed these are available only in fixed roof tops. Base model and Grand sport are fitted with a 6.2 liter engine with a horse power of 430. Though the models are factory fitted with six manual gears, option is available to change the transmission to automatic. Z06 is fitted with a much more powerful 7.0 liter V8 engine and 505 horsepower while the ZR1 comes with an out of the world 638 horse power fitted into a 6.2 liter V8 engine. Test drive the Corvette at Reedman Toll Langhorne to understand the difference between the trim levels of the car and most importantly to get a feel of the most well known sports car of the world.

Though the Corvette is primarily famous as a sports car, the vehicle’s comfortable sitting and ergonomic styling is one of its most distinguishing features as compared to other sports cars. Cargo space is also massive for a hatchback style car and is around 22 cubic feet in the rear coupe. Choice is also available between standard suspension and magnetic ride control. Choose the suspension according to the driving style and whether the car will be used for racing or touring.

What is most attractive about the Z06 and ZR1 is the fact that in spite of boasting of such a powerful engine, they are well suited for daily commuting purposes too. The transmission is smooth and shifting from high speeds to lower speeds in city roads is seamless. To sum up Corvette is not only about its strong performance but also treasures itself with a comfortable riding posture, conspicuous design, impressive fuel economy and affordable prices.

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