BMW i3 Coupe Concept


We were expecting a coupe concept called BMW i4 for the Los Angeles Auto Show, it will eventually i3 Coupe. A new concept to facilitate the arrival of the i3 confirmed in the United States in a few months. As a concept that continues to evolve to a version closer to the definition of the next series of small Bavaria Electrical.

BMW i3 Coupe Concept

A quick glance might suggest a simple version of the 3-doors of the i3 already seen in other salons. This Coupe Concept is actually a bit more, because also sees a move towards the definition of production. The changing face gently with a more sculpted hood and taking nasal relief, while the profile marks the first appearance of the i3 with solid doors and an additional window to the front. The style has also matured on the back. With 3m96 long, but retains the wheelbase (2m57), the width (1m768) and height (1m555) of i3.

BMW i3 Coupe Concept

On board also, evolution towards more realistic elements, including compared to what had been shown at the beginning of summer in London. The atmosphere combines technology and lounge atmosphere, using as much as possible renewable materials. The two rear occupants enjoy a wide space, feeling accentuated by the shoulder of the side windows. A quite different feel from the usual coupe when the rear seats are usually quite narrow and private visibility.

The interface consists of a shield 6″5 facing the driver and another 8″8 in the center should correspond to the definition of series. Both are inter-connected and particular the Connected Drive functions, electric mobility-friendly features: presentation of the autonomy and the modes of driving comfort/Eco Pro/Eco Pro+, calculation of routes and autonomy by taking into account relief, traffic conditions, interconnection with the smartphone of the driver… This last point has both features of management/control of the vehicle load, localization, but also micro-navigation. Subject on which BMW works actively. The application which takes to the relay takes along you for the end of your way on foot, or in public transport, from the parking lot to the door of your next appointment…

In mechanical terms, no change to report, there is LifeDrive design with technical aluminum base, surmounted by a shell/carbon fiber body. All powered by an electric motor of 125 kW/170 hp and 250 Nm and autonomy announced 160 km.

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