2013 Nissan GT-R GT3


After its first season of competition, Nissan learns from its various shareholdings championships around the world and developed its GT-R GT3. The 2013 version has just been announced at the end of its first meeting focus in Okayama.

Nissan GT-R GT3

The GT-R GT3, a newcomer in the category has not seen considerable commercial success in 2012 with only a handful of copies saw the track (two in Japan, two in Europe …) but it has not unworthy face references the class. The 2013 version could even closer to the head.

Nissan GT-R GT3

The changes focus on three points: the engine management, which develops “over 550 horsepower” says Nissan without elaborating, anyway useless in a category where the legislature is willing to regulate the performance of any model would inclinations to trigger the race for power, cooling, a weak point of the car in the beginning of the season, and the most visible change, the aero, with a back wing repositioned and a shield before reconsidered which generates more support through oversized ducks.

Nismo and JRM share the task of distribution and customer service competition. The car made a first public test session at the occasion of the official Super GT test done this weekend in Okayama, and JRM provides a test/demonstration in Portimao for European customer session. The price of the car in Europe is 270,000 pounds or 330,000 euros.

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