Nissan Dayz Roox

There is a little over ten years, Nissan has launched for the first time on the Kei market. Now, the Japanese automaker goes into high gear thanks to an agreement with Mitsubishi and is preparing to submit its second new model, The Dayz Roox.

Nissan Dayz Roox

In 2001, Moco comes to enrich the offer by Nissan. It is the first Kei manufacturer, and like all those that follow, it ranges from other manufacturers. According to the conventional method widely used in Japan for providing OEM: Moco, Otti, Pino, Kix, Clipper or Roox.

Since then, Nissan has decided to move up a gear in partnering with Mitsubishi. It is not any more a question currently of taking back a model as it is by grafting simply a logo, but to develop the vehicle together.

Unveiled a few days ago, the Dayz is the first of the series, and will soon be followed by a new model, which will be named Dayz Roox. The name of Dayz indicates the change, while Roox announces the replacement of the model carrying this name until now. And that was actually a Suzuki Palette. According to the official sketch, Dayz Roox resume the same principle, that of a typical cube high enough, and equipped with sliding doors to the rear.

Mitsubishi offer a similar model in its range, with a specific face.