Vorsteiner fifth power


On the sidelines of the opening of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the preparer Vorsteiner advance its pawns. Pawns, there are five distinct models as much all highlighted in Las Vegas.


Small tour of horizon between BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes and Bentley history to seduce the largest number. History of begin, let us consider for a moment on the check box in the V-GT 991 alias a preparation carried out on the basis of the latest 911 Carrera.

The trainer will also highlight declined the offer on the BMW M3 E92 (40 copies) and a program offering different body parts in carbon fiber or specific rims. Then place an offer on the Bentley Continental GT again inheriting body parts in carbon fiber.


To close the loop, Vorsteiner unveiled the 458 Spider always review on the aesthetic and the Mercedes V-C63 AMG Coupe is also offering these new appendages.

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