Upscale small car – 2013 for the most in demand cars

When it’s about the latest models of car, it is definitely the US market which steals the show. The most latest and the best cars are found in this market. The best thing about this market is that there is a car for every range and for every pocket. Some of the most sophisticated cars with the most advanced features are also picked from this market.

Nissan Versa

The market of the United States has been introducing some of the most cheap and very comfortable cars like Nissan Versa 1.6 S which is a family car and is being considered to be a medium sized sedan. It is a very stylish car with superb interior.

Next in line is the highly in demand Chevrolet Spark. This new kid on the block has captured a large chunk of the segment looking for family cars. Possessing the cheekiest features, Bold colors and a tiny yet very powerful engine, this small homely car comes with an air conditioner, wheels of alloy, windows (power), and a lot of other interesting features. The tiny car is becoming people’s favorite and the demand is increasing at a storming rate.

Ford’s Fiesta is also a very strong competitor when it is about cheap cars. The features included are an air conditioner, a radio which is AM and FM along with auxiliary Input jacks. Although the color choice is very limited, the car is gaining more and more popularity due to its exciting driving factor which is very rarely found in such cars. It has been designed in Europe and it is best for the curvy and bumpy roads. It gives ultimate value for fuel.

Kia Rio LX

Kia Rio LX is a car which looks expensive, even though it has been priced aggressively low. This modern styled car which has an upscale personality has a very strong and powerful engine which is fuel efficient and very comfortable.

Chevrolet’s Sonic-LS is the substitute for Chevrolet’s Aveo. Unlike Aveo, this car is a handsome small substantial vehicle which is very powerful and has a beautiful interior. While sitting in the car you might be forced to think if the car’s interiors were borrowed from the most expensive cars of GM.

Yaris is a cute, yet very stylish and very easy to park car, all thanks to its small size. You will realize ultimate value of money with this car. It was redesigned in 2012, however most of the features are still the same.