Which Type of Used Cars One Must Avoid

Buying a used car is often seen as an affordable way of owning a car. People who have limited earning level can be tempted towards buying a used car to save a few bucks. It is also sensible to hone your driving skills on a used car before you buy a brand new car and start driving on roads.

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According to a research, a significant portion of the car buyers prefer to buy a used car as their first car in their life. So, if you don’t like to invest huge money buying a brand new Ford, BMW or Mercedes, you must learn few important things before buying a used car. You should know which type of used cars you should avoid.

Avoid a Used Car without a Service History
You must check the service history of the car. The car owner must show you a comprehensive service record of the car. Today, car’s service records are kept in a computerized manner and this will give you an idea what types of repairing and servicing the car has undergone over the years. If the car owner hesitates showing you the service history, it means that either most of the servicing he has done at home or there is something that he doesn’t want to show you.

Avoid a Used Car with a Salvage Title
Buying a car with a salvage title means you are going to buy a trouble for yourself. When an insurance company finds that a car has a worth of a total loss, the car earns its salvage title. If you buy such a car, it means that it won’t have any resale value in the market.

Avoid a Used Car with Mismatched Tires
A car has four tires and all tires should be matching with each other in make and model as well as in size. The tires often wear out at a similar pace. So, even if the car has all four tires from the same make and model, there should not be any striking difference in their conditions. If you notice some remarkable differences, it means that the tires may not be the original ones and have been changed by the owner.

These are some common precautions that a first time car buyer should keep in mind while trying to purchase a used car. However, used car buyers may take the help of a reliable car seller for buying a wide variety of new or used cars at affordable prices.