Drinking and Driving Dangerous Stuff for Car Drivers

Driving the car can be another ordinary stuff for today life. The thing is you can easily find more accident is happening. In the past, the poor road condition has become the reason for certain accident. Speeding on bumpy road may lead to any accident.

driving dangerous stuff

The car control will be the point. But once the smooth road is around, people still get the accident thanks to the speeding issue. Reaching the top speed in second is quite easy for today car. Without real driving skill, the top speed can lead to another heavy car accident.

Apart from the road condition and the speeding phenomenon, there will be simple activity that can give a real danger. It will be related with drinking. There will be different type of drinking that set higher rate of accident. The first is any drink with alcohol inside. It is true that different drink may set different alcohol rate. The thing is you will have more difficulty to drive when you take more alcohol before you drive the car. The second is the hot drink. During your drive, you may think that enjoying a hot coffee will be a real help to overcome any sleepy eyes. The problem is you cannot make sure to have a reliable car handle with a single hand holding a hot coffee cup.

Any spilling hot coffee can distract your attention. If you are unlucky, you may get a car accident. For this reason, you have no hot coffee while driving with instructor inside. If you really want to enjoy the hot coffee, it will be better to stop for a while and enjoy your hot coffee.

The third is drinking any drug before driving. You may simply take the drug for your flu. But certain drug actually will make you a bit sleepy. It will be a dangerous to drive in such state. You may not realize that you have reached your top speed accidentally. Once you awake, you may not ready enough to control the car.

Driving under influence is a serious traffic violation. You may get your driving license revoked. To avoid that, you may need to take or call a friend when you feel a bit drunk after attending party. Taking a stop for another coffee break is a wise decision. You can ask the doctor whether any drug that you have is quite safe for any activity such as driving a car.

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