Toyota tests the wireless charging

Toyota will test soon in Japan a device to recharge the batteries wirelessly. If there is no question of immediate marketing, Toyota believes that this technology makes it easy for drivers of electric vehicles in the future.

wireless charging

Over a period of one year, the Japanese automaker will assess the merits of this technology by the provision of three Prius Plug in the Aichi region (Japan). Eventually, Toyota assess customer satisfaction, ease of use and the failure rate due to misalignment between the vehicle and the charging station.

The wireless charging takes place by varying the magnetic field from a coil buried in the ground and one coil located in the vehicle. The aim of this system is then to minimize transmission losses due to misalignment between the two coils.

To this end, the parking assistance has been redesigned to optimize the position of the vehicle relative to the coil. The position of the coil can also be shown on the central display of the passenger to ensure the correct positioning of the driver of the vehicle.

Moreover, the technology is developed keeping in mind to minimize the impact of electromagnetic waves on the immediate environment. In addition, the integrated coil in the ground is naturally designed to withstand the repeated vehicle passageway above the latter.

At the end of this test period, Toyota hopes to have accumulated enough data to continue the development of this type of charging and foresee future commercialization. If Toyota is angry with electricity in Europe, it remains the world’s No. 1 believes that this type of terminals contribute to the development of electric vehicles make life easier for users.