Toyota Harrier: Lexus RX taste

The RX crossover is the next model replaced on the schedule of Lexus, and should make its appearance in an upcoming American show. Its style, however, is already widely unveiled with the presentation of the first pictures of its clone, the Toyota Harrier.

Toyota Harrier

The presence of Lexus in Japan does not prevent the survival of some clones within the Toyota range, because some customers still prefer to buy a Toyota, a real … The Harrier is one of those models, and the new generation comes from be disclosed to the archipelago, after the jump a generation. A taste of the next Lexus RX, which likely will differ only by a whole shield/grille. The rest of the style is not fooling anyone falls clearly in the lineage of the two previous generations.

Toyota Harrier

No technical details, except that the Harrier will be, what a surprise, hybrid. Presumably an evolution of the current system combines 3.5-liter V6 and electric (s) motor (s). Although Lexus may also propose a second version hybrid less powerful, as it does now on the GS sedan.

The Lexus version will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in Detroit on December or January.