Towards a Ferrari LaFerrari even more extreme

It’s a rumor relayed in the columns of a British media that portends in terms of the arrival of an even more extreme version of the latest Ferrari LaFerrari. Finally a logical rumor if we recall a version of the predecessor of the hybrid hypercar, Enzo FXX…

Ferrari LaFerrari

So coach announces that at Ferrari is a more extreme version of a last LaFerrari hybrid hypercar. And discuss production confined to ten smaller units (against 499 pieces sold out for LaFerrari).

This proposal would benefit from specific cosmetic and dynamic enhancements but would also claim a significant weight loss when we know that displays 1255 kg empty. A technical kind of LaFerrari XX therefore taking back the entire plug from that seen in Geneva. And then think about another Evo version? History cast a wide net Coach conjures announcing a price range between €3.5 million and €6 million … A rumor that does not eat bread.