Ford Mustang V6 versus Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – which is the best sports car?

For decades, sports cars have been the prime star in the fantasies of young men, second only to hot chicks. Such is the impact of these powerful, yet sleek looking beasts. With their roaring engines, muscular build, no true automobile enthusiast can ever resist the lure of the sports cars.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Though today, the sleeker and more advanced Japanese and European cars might have appealed to a few, the evergreen American sports car still stands atop as the undisputed champion with its feisty looks and muscular build. So which one of the top American Sports cars – the Ford Mustang V6 and the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – is the best? Well we at Toyota Place, did some background research and interacted with hundreds of drivers, to give you a fair idea. So let’s take a look at how these two Iconic Sports cars stand side by side.

At first look the Chevrolet Corvette looks more appealing, with its sleek design, on board display, extremely well-done paint job and streamlined body. But, if you’re more into retrospect models that remind you of the true spirit of the American Sports car, then the Ford Mustang is the only such car you can get your hands on. The Ford mustang is ahead of the Corvette in every way, in terms of size. It’s over 10 inches longer the sleek looking Corvette and stands 55.6 inches from the ground level – impressively tall for a sports car. But the Ford mustang is much heavier than the Corvette, due its metallic body. While the Corvette weighs only 3,175 pounds, the Mustang weighs a whopping 4000 pounds, affecting heavily on its power-to-weight ratio.

Ford Mustang V6

But the Corvette pays the price for its reduced weight with its poor interiors. Since the Corvette is entirely made out of plastic, its body almost behaves like an empty pet bottle, budging in when pressed hard, making its quality of make debatable. Handling-wise the Mustang V6 is much scarier to drive than the Corvette. With its sleek body and reduced weight, the Corvette can negotiate corners and handle high speeds with ease, whereas the Mustang with its long wheelbase will demand meticulous attention even on normal corners. But nevertheless, both the cars perform almost the same in straight line and on short sprints, with the Corvette being a bit quicker than the Mustang. So on paper, the Corvette stands ahead in every way.

But when you consider the fact that you have to pay $25000 extra to outperform the Mustang, just marginally, the Ford Mustang V6 makes for a more clever option.