The SUV of the Volkswagen Amarok comes

According to Australian media, the German brand is working on the development of an SUV with seating for seven passengers. It will be based on the redesign of the pick up, which includes the V6 turbo diesel engine.

volkswagen amarok

According to the information, Volkswagen is working on the development of an SUV based on the pick up Amarok, which is produced in Germany.

According to the Australian website, confirmation was made ​​by Carlos Santos, director of VW commercial vehicles in that country, who said: “There is a very serious ongoing development of an SUV based on Amarok, which will be a large passenger vehicle”.

It is also note that the new model will be based on the recent aesthetic upgrade experienced by the pick up, which received changes in the frontal area of the body and in the interior. In addition, it would have seven seats.

The snub also welcomed the new V6 3.0 TDI. a turbo diesel delivering powers of 163, 204 or 224 horses, along with a torque up to 550 Nm when it rotates at 1500 rpm. According to the executive, the new model will have this mechanical option.

Some media even dared to publish recreations of what could be the future SUV design. It is the case of Theophilus Chin, showing a vehicle differs from the pick up mainly by the rear section of the body.

According to data published by the same means, the executive also said that the production of the Amarok V6 will move from Germany to Argentina. Here, the brand announced an investment of $100 million, which includes updating the pick up, which will be released locally in October.