The Subaru XV Hybrid launched in Japan

If the concept Subaru Viziv had uncovered a data sheet including combining diesel and electric, the first commercial step with Subaru in the field of hybrids through four cylinder flat and electric drive in worthy realization of the XV Crosstrek concept. Exactly what Subaru XV Hybrid has been introduced in its home market.

Subaru XV Hybrid

If Subaru therefore announces the commercial launch of the XV Hybrid crossover on its domestic market, we can also remember a few key elements of the car. It combines four cylinder boxer 2.0 liter and 150 hp, 196 Nm, which has benefited from improvements to reduce friction.

Technically we also find the electric motor 13.4 hp and 65 Nm, leartronic continuously variable transmission and all-wheel drive. On the only electric mode, it can move at the speed of 10 km/h when the average level of consumption should be around 5L/100 km according to the standards of approval in force on the archipelago.

Introduced in Japan, Subaru XV Hybrid, cousin of the American XV Crosstek. On board as this hybrid adopt specific instrumentation. To see whether this model could eventually be also introduced on the European markets.