The QX30 crossover officially confirmed

In order to expand its presence on the European continent and expand its range, Infiniti will double the top speed in the coming months and years ahead. A further announcement in this regard has just been made.

QX30 crossover

The offensive product is marketing at Infiniti. Minor player in the European market, the premium manufacturer intends to diversify its product range and positioning in the growth segments.

The first stage will involve the Q30 compact C-segment, cousin of Mercedes A-Class, auto widely foreshadowed by the eponymous concept (Q30 Concept) whose production will be officially launched next year. With regard to the latter it should therefore quickly enjoy a show because foreshadowing even more faithfully the compact series which will compete with the compact premium.

But to strengthen across the old continent can not do without a compact crossover. So then disembark the compact QX30 crossover, sort of elevated compact incorporating the gimmicks of traditional compact crossover segment and will be positioned in front of the models of the genre such as, for example, the Lexus NX.

Its production will take place also within the British factory in Sunderland for a launch in 2015 also. The information was confirmed through Andy Palmer, vice President of Infiniti has tweeted this announcement. It will now discover the QX30 crossover via a concept and then in its finery of production.