Beijing 2014: Lincoln MKX concept

Lincoln is not strictly speaking a global brand, but Ford decided to change the situation. Sold in North and Middle East of America, Lincoln will happen this year in China. In support of this new strategy, the manufacturer has decided to unveil a crossover concept at the show in Beijing, the new version of its MKX crossover.

Lincoln MKX

Starting next fall, Ford will begin selling two models – the MKZ sedan and SUV MKC – seven cities in China. The Navigator SUV and Lincoln MKX will complete range on the Chinese market by 2016 in order to establish themselves in the territory of the Middle Kingdom, the automotive group also states that it will use an independent network with 60 dealers.

Ford hopes to reach end to outdo its main competitors in the Chinese territory: compatriot General Motors and Volkswagen. Great challenge since both of these flow more than 3 million vehicles per year in China. For 2014, Ford has set a target of over one million vehicles sold in the country. For the first time in March, the monthly sales volume exceeded 100,000 vehicles, 103,815 units (increase of 28% in annual slippery value).