Tata Revotron: A new family of petrol engines

Tata has introduced a new 4-cylinder 1.2 liter gasoline engine turbocharged indirect injection. Later, supply will decline with 3 cylinders and other 4 cylinders. The 1.2l Revotron turbo equip future Falcon officially presented soon in India.

Tata Revotron

The Revotron family was developed with the aim to reduce the weight of the engine and reduce friction to promote fuel savings and the performance. Particular attention was paid to the more silent operation.

This new engine produces 85 horsepower at 5,000 tr/min and torque of 140 Nm at 1750 tr/min and 3500 tr/min. The pistons have a 85mm bore to 69.5mm stroke. It is therefore an oversquare engine, suitable to reduce friction (short stroke). Each cylinder has two valves.

It is equipped with a turbocharged, water cooled, low inertia. This type of technology can deliver high torque from low revs.

To reduce vibration and overall noise, the crankshaft has been strengthened. In addition, the admission and exhaust manifold were drawn so as to reduce the noise of combustion.

The motor is controlled by an electronic accelerator (no cable between the accelerator pedal and the engine component). This technology also allows Tata to offer the driver several mode with a response to the accelerator (principle of Alfa Romeo DNA, for example) to minimize fuel consumption and focus on power and torque.

In terms of emissions, the engine meets the standards BS IV (equivalent to Euro 4), current emissions standards in 13 major cities of India (BS III in the rest of the country). The 1.2-liter turbo is also capable of operating on CNG.

As its name suggests, this new engine generation is a small revolution for the manufacturer: 95% of its revenue comes from the sale of diesel cars. If the market share of Tata reached almost 10% for the past in the Indian market, its share is almost insignificant in the market for gasoline engines (India is the second largest market for diesel vehicles after Europe).