Mazda announces the SkyActiv chassis for the next MX-5

If the next generation of the Mazda MX-5 has not yet revealed its plastic, the matron is already showing iys underwear. The manufacturer of Hiroshima and illustrates the SkyActiv chassis for the next MX-5.

SkyActiv chassis

Back to basics and ambition of a possible more content weight. Mazda has just released a sketch of SkyActiv chassis of the next MX-5, Miata in the original text.

In addition to showing us the sketch below, the Japanese manufacturer delivers some additional details: the roadster show a decrease in weight of a hundred kilograms, the SkyActiv engine installed in central longitudinal position before will be further decreased, the center of gravity or stiffness of reinforced crate.

For the record, this next-generation Miata, announced around 2015, will take over all the technologies grouped under the broad label between SkyActiv engine, transmission and chassis so.