Subaru Forester


The success of Subaru in the United States relies in large part on the Forester and the Outback. It is therefore understandable that no risk has been taken for the renewal of the Forester, which will make its public debut at the show in Los Angeles at the end of the month.

Subaru Forester

For its fourth generation, the Forester will walk in the footsteps left by its ancestors. The change is subtle, both on the size or style. A discreet style that is increasing slightly in the Turbo version, which adopts a 4-cylinder flat Boxer of 2.0 liter of displacement with turbo, offering 250 hp and 350 Nm, with continuously variable transmission CVT.

It offers two manual modes with 6 or 8 reports. In the standard version, there is the 2.5 liters naturally atmospheric 170 hp/236 Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox or CVT. Of course, the AWD comes automatically on all models…

Side proportions, the Forester is content to take 36 mm to achieve 4595 mm and 15 mm in width to 1796 mm. Subaru claims, however, increased livability ratings. The ground clearance of 221 mm is stable with respect to the basic versions of the previous generation…

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