Simple tips to ensure your car holds its value

Everybody knows that from the moment that you take possession of a car and drive it off the lot that it starts to lose value. Unless you have purchased an investment vehicle, like a vintage sports car or a classic muscle car, your asset is going to depreciate every time you drive it.

But this depreciation is something that can be managed. And while it cannot be reversed, the brakes can definitely be applied to the process and there are plenty of things that can be done to ensure that the rate of depreciation is as slow as possible. Here are a few simple tips to help you ensure that your car holds its value as effectively as possible.

Do the services

A car needs to visit the mechanic regularly to ensure that it continues to function optimally. While it might seem like a brilliant cost-saving idea to only get it looked at when things stop working, that is, in actual fact, a terrible strategy.

Rather find a dealer or a garage that offers car service has plenty to choose from and get them to look under the bonnet before anything goes awry. Typically, a car should be seen to after every 10 000 kilometres.

A proper service history, completed by the mechanic will stand you in good stead when it comes time to sell the vehicle and, if completed properly, it will go a long way to helping you fetch a better price for the car.

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Keep it clean

It might sound like a simple thing to say but keep your car clean. This applies to both the inside and the outside. The fact is that dirt and grime tarnish the finishes and damage the upholstery.

So, a monthly trip to the valet for a proper vacuum and wash will keep your car gleaming and looking good. Once you start to let things go, and the protective wax layers on the paint have all been lost, you will find it much harder to restore your car to its original glory.

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Park undercover

This is not always something that can be done as it requires you to have a carport or garage. But if you do have these facilities then make sure that you use them. The weather, particularly bright sunshine and coastal rain can have very bad effects on the look of a car.

Rain, particularly if you are on the coast, can speed up rust, while the sun fades the paint and damages the upholstery and internal surfaces. Exactly as it is with your face – the more your car can be kept out of these elements, the younger and better preserved it will be.

Protect the surfaces

There are many surfaces inside the car that age badly. Things like the dashboard and steering wheel are great examples of surfaces that often receive an uncomfortable amount of sunshine.

Do whatever you can to cover them up. The same applies to the upholstery. Use seat protectors that will take the brunt of the wear and the weather beatings. That way, when you are ready to sell, you can remove the seat covers and underneath you will find the seats looking as good as the day you bought the car!