How thoroughly clean your car tires?

The tires are the most difficult element to clean in a car. Those that get dirty faster and more complicated that accumulating dirt to remove. First, consider what accumulates more dirt and metal waste, not fat (no fat in this sector, unless we have some failure), by which the degreasing products are not ideal.

clean car tires

The metal residues have the property of being inserted into the pores of the paint, so if there is no regular maintenance, the accumulation eventually destroys the surface and to generate true ferrous crusts that adhering aided by temperature.

The main thing is a regular maintenance, weekly or every other week, if used regularly, it will prevent the adhesion and will not be necessary the use of specific products. When a tire is maintained on a regular basis, enough with the shampoo that is used regularly for the periodically washing of the body, with the help of a thin hair brush, hopefully natural.

What happens when there is no regular maintenance?

There are specific products that attack the waste of the brakes and a large part of the minerals. The majority of the products are acidic, so you have to be extremely careful with skin contact, and the time that allows to operate the product. It should not be left for more than 1 minute, always with the tire and brakes completely cold, pear then wash with water. Use these products with hot tire; it could seriously damage the paint.

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There are non-acidic products as the IronX of the Carpro brand; it is malodorous, but harmless with paint and skin to have neutral PH. There are other similar and are listed as “ferrous waste disposal”.

These products are found in most stores, brands such as Sonax, Meguiars or Turtle Wax have wheels cleaners easy to find.