How to prepare car to hibernate

If for any reason you have to leave your car parked for a long time, we tell you some very practical tips to hibernate properly.

Are you going to travel abroad and have to leave your car stopped for a long time? Do you have a classic car that you do not want to move until winter? It is important to know that leaving the vehicle parked for a long period of time can cause problems in some elements of the car. Brakes, oil, battery and clutch, or even fuel, can see their quality compromised.

prepare car to hibernate

If you are going to leave the car parked for a long time, it is necessary to take some precautions so that the day you have to start it, do not take unpleasant surprises. Most of the serious problems begin to arise after a month off; however, this period can be reduced if the car does not sleep in the garage. The worst is when the car is stopped more than a year. In this case, all engine fluids tend to harden and therefore rot.

Check the status of the car

The steps to follow if you are going to leave your car stopped for more than a year begin by lubricating the discs and drums to avoid oxidation. This way you ensure that the discs maintain their functionality. But remember when you start your car again; you have to clean the discs with a solvent.

In diesel cars you should leave the fuel tank almost empty to avoid spoiling it. In gasoline cars, it is advisable to add an additive. But do not put too much, as it tends to age. Also, when you pick up the car again, you will have to change the engine oil. Not moving the car causes its properties to deteriorate.

For its part, the brake fluid only has to be changed if it is going to stand for more than a year. Inflate the tires to a higher pressure so they can more easily support the weight of the car. And park the car in a covered area, ventilated and away from animals. Finally, put a protective cover to protect the paint.

Steps to prepare car to hibernate

1. Disconnect the car battery

Once you have left the car in the place where it will be parked, the first step is to disconnect the battery. First the negative terminal and then the positive one. When you touch it to start, first connect the positive and then negative.

2. Check the liquids

If your car is going to stand for more than a year, it is best to eliminate all internal fluids. If you are going to stand it for six months empty the wiper fluid so it does not rot in the circuit. Put new antifreeze in the tank, especially if the car is going to stand in a cold area in winter.

3. Do not close the windows completely

If you leave the car parked for a long time, do not close the windows completely. With the passage of time the gums tend to dry and can stick to the glass at the top. If you leave them a little open, you allow the interior of the car to “breathe” avoiding the creation of mold and odors.

4. Put rice grains inside

Place rice grains (uncooked) in a container and leave it on the floor of the car. This “homemade trick” prevents the creation of moisture inside the car and prevents odors.

5. Do not put the parking brake on

The parking brake activates a flexible cable that acts in the rear area. If that cable is stretched for a long time, it may be hard to remove it again when you get back into the car.

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6. Increase tire pressure

Fill the tires with a pressure higher than that indicated by the manufacturer. With the passage of time, the tire tends to lose air and these can also leak. If there is a large contact surface of the tire with the ground due to the weight of the car, it may happen that the tire is left “square”.

7. Protect the exhaust pipe

Place an old cloth soaked in motor oil at the end of the exhaust pipe. In this way you will prevent rust from accumulating in this area.

8. Place a protective cover

After performing all these steps, it is best to cover the car with a specific cover. This prevents dust from accumulating and the body deteriorating due to external agents. The car will be very well protected until you return from your absence.