Victims of leaks now official: Peugeot reveals its new 308 a few months before the world premiere of the car in the aisles of Frankfurt and commercial introduction from the fall.

Peugeot 418

The Clio IV had immediately responded to the 208. The Captur and 2008 were telescoped. This time, Peugeot takes one step ahead on Renault, and its next Megane, defeating the card 308. On a cluttered and capital C segment enthroned the German reference Volkswagen Golf VII, the Sochaux sedan reveals more consensual and without frills than its predecessor. Austere? Nicely sober? On the most popular segment in Europe where originality is not a guarantee of success, this sedan is reassuring, robust, classic and solid. It also said at the time of the presentation of the 301 destiny to other markets.

Peugeot 308

It is also more compact with a length of 4.25m (- 3cm) and a height 1.46m (- 4cm) wheelbase increasing by 1.2cm (470dm3 of boot space) but it is lighter because its mass is reduced to 140kg based on the latest EMP2 platform, platform inaugurated by the latest generation of Picasso (Technospace).

Finally, it will also be more frugal Peugeot promising a version with CO2 emissions contained in the 85 g/km, only technical data yet revealed (the VTi engines, e-HDi and HDI will be found).

The interior is revealed as sober and neat with its decorative chrome satin and black lacquer. Peugeot, which speaks of i-cockpit, aims to highlight the compact wheel, the high center console and the 9.7″ large touch screen.

Note also through these images that the tachometer innovates by running in an anti-clockwise direction. For exterior style instilled by Gilles Vidal and his teams, place the images. It will include a pinch of Mercedes Class A (treatment carved and sculpted flanks), the typical radiator grille, the theme of the butt, biting lights on the wings in the back, etc… Produced in Sochaux, it will be fully unveiled at Frankfurt in September.