Opel Astra OPC Extreme, as its name suggests

The Geneva Motor Show is a little over 30 days. On this occasion, the manufacturer blitz to present a very nasty version of the Astra OPC. Dubbed Extreme this has the ramage and plumage. What a slap to the best sport compact?

Opel Astra OPC Extreme

Opel promises that this “concept” Astra OPC Extreme, based on the GTC version will indeed be produced in small series (unlike the concept 2002 Astra X-treme). We in saliva in advance by reading the technical specifications of this model homologated for the road. Because yes, despite its look “escaped from a circuit” (we like it or not like) this bomb will be allowed to ride on the open road.

Visually, the Astra OPC Extreme to the panoply full or almost; bottom of case in carbon, rear diffuser with 4 outputs titanium, smoked taillights, beautiful black wheels, redesigned front bumper, etc.. But the centerpiece of the panoply is obviously huge rear wing in carbon that almost recall “pie servers” of the time Escort Cosworth.

Listed specs, Opel does not say much but this Astra OPC Extreme should flirt with 300 horsepower, otherwise exceed it (280ch for the 2012 Astra OPC). An additional power but also less weight with the use of carbon (hood and doors should be of this material) and inside elements of the racing world: Bucket racing, 6 point harness, etc. A rollbar is even built. The Astra OPC Extreme drifts by Opel car that runs VLN Endurance Championship in Germany.