Nissan Terra Concept


Declination quasi-science-fiction of the Qashqai or futurist interpretation of the Juke, the Nissan Terra SUV Concept displays a design for the less sharp, sharp and aggressive when the assembly is quite leggy between generous tire and ride height.

Nissan Terra

To know now if the concept does indeed pose the groundwork for a future model known to increase the supply of green leaf after the Japanese manufacturer … Four-wheel drive concept, Terra (Nissan and not Johnson) inherited including of a fuel cell of last generation (located under the rear floor) and engine power shared with the more pragmatic Leaf.

Only one electrical unit? No, because the concept adopts two additional implanted in the back. What portend a broader term implementation (at all) of the hydrogen fuel cell? It goes back to the supply network.

For the rest, note the opening characteristic of the doors. Board precisely; note the absence of central tunnel of transmission and the seats arranged in an asymmetrical manner.

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