Nissan NV200: new minor for 2014 range

The utility/NV200 MPV will offer new minor for its vintage 2014. Nissan announces including CO2 emissions down or small changes in the cabin. Review details.

Nissan NV200

Nv200 or Evalia whether having or oriented family, the model of the Japanese manufacturer has since the beginning of the year (for the first eight months) registered to the tune of 2260 copies an increase of 35% from 2012.

Nissan intends to make further progress next year. And then this vintage 2014 offers new minor. CO2 emissions decreased by 135g/km to 128g/km for the van and 139g/km to 131g/km for the Evalia (dCi 90hp) when the most powerful dCi 110hp displays 131g/km CO2 against 139g/km of CO2 (van) or 136g/km CO2 against 144g/km of CO2. To what limit the rise of the next penalty.

A report last of all small changes on board as “the ashtray is replaced by a small storage tray and the lid on the storage compartment between the front seats is removed”, says Nissan.

Ultimate small novelty to be noted: the windows of the second row of Evalia seats are now open in Acenta and Connect Edition finishing. For fans, this 2014 NV200/Evalia vintage is already available for order.