Nissan Juke: consumption and lower CO2

If at the moment when it comes to Nissan we return almost invariably the new Qashqai, it should not, however setback of the handle the other cars in the range. Especially when it comes to the Juke, a car that works well.

2014 nissan juke

Second best-selling Nissan model in Europe, behind which you know, the urban crossover Nissan Juke is offered by a discount technical update. This is most popular with customers version hosted by 1.5 dCi 110 hp, which enjoys optimizations.

We learn that the latest four-cylinder diesel engine 1.5 l lands under its hood. The fuel consumption combined from 4.2 l/100 km to 4 l/100 km when the CO2 level back to 104 g/km against 109 g/km previously. Of what make it eligible in the actual bonus of €200 (neutral zone next year).

Nissan took the opportunity to slip some additional figures: 16,000 (the number of Juke sold here since the beginning of this year), 60,000 (the total number of Juke sold in France since its launch) and 500,000 (the total number of Juke sold in Europe since its introduction). Derided by some for its unique design and its look “York” out of the ordinary, the seduced indeed Juke.