2020 Nissan Concept Vision Gran Turismo

From virtual to reality? Not yet. Given this, Nissan does not beat around the bush and already announced that this concept arises as “a real insight into what might look like a supercar in the future”. From there to see the foundations of the next generation of GT-R, there is only one step.

Nissan Concept Vision Gran Turismo

This concept, available on the title you know starting July 6, “was designed by a team of young designers from Nissan Design Europe in London, England” but also overseen by a “team of engineers from Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi in Japan”, says Nissan as complementary.

A manufacturer that continues after the Gt – R and Skyline its involvement in Gran Turismo. Therefore see in the coming years if the future GT-R will have inherited some gimmicks style.