Nissan Note Nismo

Nissan decided to corrupt a little wise Nissan Note. Finally, not too non-more and it is especially side appearance that Nismo has looked on the Note. Optimizations have not been forgotten but spend a bit into the background.

Nissan Note Nismo

Proven aesthetic recipes
Externally the Note Nismo applied conscientiously the revenues of the home. White body, smooth lines, red touches everywhere and plenty of aerodynamic appendages that are not only there to look pretty. In detail, the front bumper receives a horizontal LED bar of each rated for daytime running lights. These bars are continued by the gills in the shield to calm the aerodynamic flow. The central part has a black treatment down enhanced by the two distinctive red lines.

The sill panel explicit with again the red line Nismo, of door mirrors to red hull and the rear, a spoiler template overlooks a beautiful centerpiece, the rear bumper and its diffuser. Again vertical louvers are used to calm the disturbance and a red border highlights the diffuser and huge single exhaust outlet. Inside, red accents are added here and there.

But for Note Nismo, Nissan pulls two versions. The “Nismo” and “Nismo S” version. In the “normal” version, all the exterior ramage is there and Nismo has also affected the transmission to the chassis, suspensions and… that’s all. No engine modification program. For this it is necessary to the S version that it has a revised engine (Nissan did not specify more) as well as a specific 5-speed manual gearbox.

The Nismo S also has a further modified interior with optional sport seats on the normal version. The ‘S’, Recaro bucket seats (option) can be installed. For his fifth vehicle prepared by Nismo, Nissan therefore blows hot and cold. On one side a engine preparation and aesthetics as well do know Nismo, the other a version where only the aesthetic account.

Nismo is being gradually become a badge as the S-Line at Audi or M-Pack at BMW. “For 30 years of Nismo, we plan to expand the number of models available in our catalog. The Note, presented today is very symbolic for the Nismo brand (…). We hope that the Note Nismo will allow us to reach new customers which will add to our existing customer base”, said Shoichi Miyatani, President and CEO of Nismo.

The Nissan Note Nismo (nice alliteration in N) will be available for sale in the coming year.