Nissan GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package

In the alleys of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the Japanese manufacturer will send the GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package… In its 2016 vintage.

GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package

The GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package is not what we call a real novelty since had been particularly appreciate late last year after its presence in the alleys of the Tokyo Auto Show.

It is in its 2016 vintage that the super Japanese sports equipped with its traditional 3.8L twin turbo v6 with 600hp will be presented. Then opportunity to enjoy some elements of its aerodynamic pack package changes between the wings, rocker, rear spoiler, spoiler or rear skirt.

Carved to ignite the clock, the GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package is offered adjustable Ohlins dampers to 4 lanes and new anti-roll bars as well as differential with sliding restricted in the front.

In the US market, the GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package will be available through two kits: one oriented to a more calibrated to use the track and the other more tailored for everyday use.