New generation for the Suzuki Swift

On its origin market, the small hatchback of the Japanese mark possesses new platform, 1.0 turbo engine and hybrid option, while the exterior design shows an evolution of the characteristic style of the model.

new suzuki swift

Suzuki introduced in Japan the new generation of the Swift, model that will debut in the Asian country on 4th January. Then, at the Geneva Motor Show (March), it will be the turn of the unveiling of the hatchback to meet the global demands.

Belonging to the B segment, the new Swift stands for the exterior design that continues the style of the previous models, maintaining key items as the front pillar disguised with black color and thick back pillar.

In addition, the new Suzuki has new features like the front optics with milder forms, grille with more generous size and rear door handles hidden in the studs.

new suzuki swift

In the interior, the Asian brand offers a simple design with several pieces with circular shape, present style in the dashboard, the central air outlets and the air conditioner. In addition, the color screen of the center console could not be missing.

At the moment only shown body with five doors, the new chapter of the hatchback also includes a brand new generation of platform called “HEARTECT”, which promises to be lighter and stiffer.

On the side of the engine, the offer announced in Japan includes 1.0 Boosterjet petrol engine with turbo and direct injection, associated with a six-speed automatic transmission, set destined for the RS version, which also has sporty look.

The model also has a hybrid system called SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), which includes 1.2 Dualjet petrol engine, for which it is announces high thermal efficiency.

On the side of the equipment, the new Swift may optionally include automatic braking system, adaptive cruise control and automatic change of lights, among other new features.