Mini will have its electric model on the street for the year 2019

The resurrection of Mini is one of the best things that could happen to the BMW Group. Its business acumen was decisive because the English company has become a very important piece to obtain many benefits. The range of models of the English manufacturer is not one of the widest of the sector, but it is representative enough so that the customers wish to have their models in the garage.

electric Mini

We already know that the range of the manufacturer will grow with hybrid and electric versions as they must follow the course imposed by the industry. The fifth model of Mini will be an electric vehicle that, according to the information provided by the brand, should reach the market in 2019. This information has been provided by the global Director of Mini, Sebastian Mackensen, in statements to various international media.

This information fits perfectly with the latest data the firm had provided on this model. As we know, the manufacture of this electric model of English manufacturer will be carried out outside the United Kingdom. The reason for this decision is based on the low circulation of sales that will have this model and therefore more reasonable and sensible about this type of releases is the outsourcing of their production.

The base on which the electric Mini will be developed will not take the lines of the Superleggera. This model was a roadster driven by batteries but its development would be too expensive so it could be well thinking about another idea. This would not be another to take the basis of Rocketman that presented in the year 2011 and that by concept and size is very close to the original Mini.

This small model follows in the mark schemes, since a year ago Ralph Mahler, Head of Product of Mini, assured that the Rocketman had not been discarded. Its design was unique and very original so it could represent the maximum essence of the English brand as an electric and efficient vehicle for the city. It will be necessary to see if the plans of the mark arrive at good port and the electric model of Mini arrives at the market with sufficient arguments to be a success.