Mercedes launches its Designo Manufaktur division for the G-Class

The G-Class can not count the candles on his birthday cake but Mercedes continues to be pampered. For proof, new customers of this historic 4 × 4 star will now largely customize.


Personalization departments are legion among luxury manufacturers and Mercedes is no exception to the rule. Designo, this word may not yet tell you many customers of the brand rely on this unit. Externally as internally, thanks to the Designo label the new owners can personalize their car. Now, the German manufacturer increases the scope of this program by launching a real division of customization called Designo Manufaktur.

To open the ball, it’s the G class that benefits new unpublished options. There are as with the departments of this type in other manufacturers, infinite combinations of different elements. You can choose between different leathers and colors for the seats, steering wheel and dashboard. Matt or metallic, the body colors also remain very exclusive ranging from a blue “Mauritius” to olive yellow.


The roof color can also be chosen and new wheels are added. The “Night package” is now available on the G-Class and provides shields, wheel arches, roof and shiny rear-view mirrors. Finally, the G 63 and G 65 AMG versions can with Designo Manufaktur take advantage of “Dinamica package” that dresses inside a black nappa leather and microfiber Dinamica.