Land Rover Discovery: Landmark and Graphite series

In order to restore a bit of force in sales figures, what’s better than a special series or a limited series. Here are two for the Land Rover Discovery.

Land Rover Discovery Landmark

Indeed, the brand announced two special series whose orders are open for first deliveries beginning early next year. The Land Rover Discovery Landmark is based on the HSE finish while demanding a more premium side again.

There are alloy wheels of 20″ and the name badges of the series. A note also black mirrors shells or roof rails dressed in a glossy finish. The interior is generously adorned with leather between seats, against doors and dashboard without forgetting a touch of walnut veneer. Five body delivered are proposed on the Land Rover Discovery Landmark including the original Zanzibar. The announced floor price is £55,995.

Land Rover Discovery Graphite

For its part Land Rover Discovery Graphite inherits a delivered of specific bodywork, 19″ alloy wheels to double seven branches in finishing dark gray, badges when outdoors it is noted and there a few touches of charcoal grey and black. Nine body delivered are declined. Entry ticket: £47,495.