Kia GT: Not for tomorrow

New indiscretions point with respect to the standard model which has been more or less faithfully prefigured by the Kia GT concept found at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Kia GT

During its initial presentation, the Kia GT concept was to announce the future direction of style printed in the future by the Kia designers across the brand.

Recently we learned that the leaders of the Korean manufacturer had given the green light for the catalog is enriched with a model of this kind. “Regarding the future of Kia in 2018, it is necessary that we consolidated our luxurious image on the US market. The GT concept should play this role to put us in the high end”, spoke the vice president of the manufacturer in an interview.

Further, Soon-Nam Lee also said that the brains of the R & D department had to work by then on a more powerful engine that combines the casket more favorably warbling and plumage. 2018, it is finally tomorrow. Undoubtedly new information and more inquisitiveness will tumble down by then.