Honda Civic 1.6i-Dtec


Announced at the launch of the current Civic, and presented in Geneva, the new engine 1.6i-Dtec debuted under the hood of the compact Honda.

Honda Civic 1.6i-Dtec

Before fitting the CR-V, and put at the service of the conquest of the Indian market. Announcing 94g of CO² per kilometer for the 1.6 120hp, Honda is positioned at the level of the best proposal for the genre.

While the blue ribbon in the matter does not keep long, VW Golf Blue Motion announcing of 110hp and 85g for next year! In the meantime, this new block resumed with a displacement dear to the history of the brand.

Compared to the 2.2i-Dtec, the 1600 is also more lightweight of 58kg. With more than 150kg on the front, the Civic Diesel was previously penalized by a less agile, while using more of gluttony tires and brake pads. The new Diesel should set the record straight at the time. Pending the arrival of 1.6 to gasoline who will re-dig distance!

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