Ford C-Max Energi: almost 1,000 km of autonomy combined


Ford continues to widely communicate around the new C-Max Energi and, not to change strategy, target blithely its best enemy Prius Plug-in at the time of delivery of the figures and put them in competition with those of the Japanese.

ford C-Max Energi

The latest example is therefore in this line …The constructor of Dearborn book finally official figures of combined autonomy of the C-Max Energi, a model specifically claiming autonomy mixes of 620 miles is precisely 997 km, when the last testing date had advanced a total range of 900 km following a test conducted between Sacramento and San Diego (talking obviously on a full charge and reservoir to the brim edge). For comparison, also in mixed mode, the Prius Plug-in displays 540 miles (Ford also highlights the 380 miles of the Chevrolet Volt).

Recall also that the only electric mode, the C-Max Energi is autonomy of 32 km, against 24 km for the Japanese or 56 km for the Volt. Finally, compared to its congeners such, this rechargeable hybrid vehicle reach the highest speed in electric mode alone at 137 km/h when the Prius Plug-in capped around 105 km/h. If with this client does not extend toward the American, this is not lack of clubbed the different figures.

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