Ferrari FXX K: Now, this is done

This is frankly anything but a surprise to learn: the total production of the Ferrari FXX K is already exhausted. Meanwhile, the numbers are highlighted.

Ferrari FXX K

Barely made, not yet entered the program but already exhausted. Not surprisingly, customers contacted by the Maranello manufacturer to offer one of Ferrari FXX K did not hesitate long to get their hands in the portfolio.

The price, as usual in this case is at the discretion of the parties, it is never officially know. Unofficially is evoked oscillatory pretty price around 2.2 million euros. Next is an order of magnitude as the total production of this rolling technology lab.

Unofficially again, we learn that the production will eventually be confined to thirty-two copies. Each owner will now have fun during the different sessions of the XX program and participate in the ongoing development of Italian hybrid supercar, the Ferrari FXX K revealed in great detail in this presentation.