Dodge Challenger SRT-8 by Ultimate Auto


An American car prepared by a US firm that represents at least the interest to change and not to relay a German auto signed of a Germanic preparer.

Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Here are a few minutiae on the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 to the credit of the Ultimate Auto. Wide Body … More muscular, lowered, extended and aggressive this Dodge Challenger SRT-8 there did not fail to attract the eye. In the common sense or not, sempiternal question when we discover a prepared car.

With its sides dug and ventilated, its new plexiglass cover its new leaves discover the heart of the machine, its windows dark tinted, its shields or new exhaust, American proves quite threatening. We can also distinguish the imposing rubber (Pirelli 405/25) and Savini wheels 24″.

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