BMW Active Tourer Concept


BMW is a conventional brand but done from time to time its revolution. The last time it was with the X6, a UFO-size in the landscape of the crossover segment whose success so massive that its pace was quickly silenced the sniggering. The Active Tourer, which under the name of evil concept its claims very badly to land quickly in showrooms, risk of having the same trajectory.

BMW Active Tourer

It is true the trademark agitates a double red cloth under the nose of its fans: front-wheel drive, which will have this car in series, and the format of monospace, a style of vehicle to the antipodes of the sports sedans including the Bavarian are the specialists.

For the occasion of the World, Active Tourer Concept features a plugin hybrid system similar to that of the i8 with petrol engine 1.5 liter 3-cylinder that we should see it spread to the smaller offerings of the BMW group and an electric motor whose combination promises 190 horsepower.

The petrol engine drives the front wheels so that the electric motor acts on the rear. A species of X Drive somehow, honor is except this time but all versions of series are not equipped with such a device and will only of a simple front-wheel drive. It is not necessarily the problem that one can imagine, a good part of buyers of small BMW with no idea what wheels propel the car. The compact MPV that is derived from this concept should therefore be successful so that the car retains a look very BMW.

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