Audi F12 e-performance prototype: electric brainstorming


Result of a joint effort between several German universities, Bosch, the manufacturer of the rings, research institutes and various faculties, here is the Audi F12 e-performance prototype, an Audi R8 electrified.

Audi F12

No, nothing to do with the future, however, variation of the type alias R8 e-tron …If the sheet is nothing revolutionary in the genre, its location and architecture could on the other hand arise as future track of reflection.

The Audi F12 e-performance prototype inherits a combination of three electric motors: one in the front that moves the car at low speed and two at the rear in addition to higher speed then combined power of 150 Kw (about 204 hp) and 550 Nm.

If the technical architecture is expected to be refined and evolve in the coming years, it could be used on different types of chassis. With regard to a derivative strict of the proto, it is obviously not planned series. Audi and an electric R8 will be via the future e-tron.

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