Audi design: towards new horizons


Through a reorganization of the teams in charge of Audi style, the Ingolstadt manufacturer announced that the brand style will evolve towards greater differentiation between families of models and highlight the technical aspects.

Audi design

Audi did not intend to revolutionize the present style of its vehicles. The brand is still convinced that evolution of style is required. Wolfgang Egger, head of the design department for Audi confirms in his remarks: “We need something new without breaking tradition”.

Audi will be first to differentiate its products by family. Depending on whether the vehicle belongs to the family A (sedans, station wagons, convertibles), R (R8, TT) or Q (SUV), it will exacerbate a different personality.

Applied to the crosslane coupe concept presented to the world the car of Paris 2012 (family Q), this means, among other things, a single-frame grille more in relief and marked body flanks. This design concept should reflect the impression of strength.

The department of Audi style, based in Ingolstadt, will be organized as a single design studio. A concept proven by the Bavarian trade mark with the Office of the style based in Munich, dedicated to concept cars.

The idea is to bring together under one roof the teams in charge of exterior design, the interior styling in charge and finally those who are responsible for the choice of materials and colors. Stimulating a comprehensive, Audi wants to improve the creativity of the teams.

On the other hand, Audi aims to further highlight the technological content and innovative of its vehicles appearance: an area that the manufacturer controls already in production (Bay of windshield aluminium on the A5 cabriolet, R8 sideblades, …) and its concepts (carbon roof of the crosslane coupe).

The last track that the Ingolstadt manufacturer wants to explore with the principle of approach: greater consistency between the interior and exterior styling. Interior design and exterior styling must form a single entity, so that the vehicle is also identifiable from the inside.

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