ABT slaps the Golf VII


The German ABT wanted to take a bit of passion to the recently introduced Volkswagen Golf VII, and the result is something less caustic than the vision of Oettinger, although it also has its point of interest.

Volkswagen Golf VII

In this case, ABT turns it imagination in the compact Wolfsburg. This includes a new grille on the front, so much in bumper as in the lateral tails that do company to some rims that can be of 18 or 19 inches, to choose. Complete series about something colorful behind extras: a grid and a new diffuser flanked by four exhaust terminals. From inside there is no data, to our knowledge.

As for engines, as usual ABT improves performance in both petrol and diesel. On one hand, pull the 1.2 TFSI of 86 hp to get 105 horses and the 1.4 TFSI goes from 140 to 165 hp. On the other, the 2.0 TDI with 150 hp becomes a respectable 180 hp and 184 hp going to develop 210 hp, while the 1.6 TDI jumps from 105 to 125 hp.

Volkswagen Golf VII

In the hands of the coach, the vehicle has been reduced height and center of gravity lowered by the addition of one of the suspension kits harvest of ABT, which will certainly give you more of the sporty compact. The rest was brought from home with this hard and difficult balance between the fun and the wisdom that characterizes the mythical Golf.

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