A new Toyota produced by Mazda in the Mexico


This is a new unexpected rapprochement between Japanese manufacturers just been announced. Mazda will produce a new vehicle on behalf of Toyota’s new plant in Mexico to be released in late 2014…

Toyota and Mazda

Mazda continues construction its new plant in Mexico, where it plans to produce 140,000 cars per year after 2014. Production which will consist of Mazda2 and Mazda3, but also a Toyota… Both manufacturers have indeed reached an agreement that will create a new small Toyota on the basis of the next generation Mazda2, and destined for North U.S.

Without the amounts being revealed, Toyota will take part in the required investments with the tools, but also with the extension of the capacity, since these are 50,000 copies of the new model that the manufacturer intends to produce each year to its new partner.

A new model which could simply come to replace Yaris in the United States. A model nowadays imported from Japan and from France as from 2013. But Toyota has been trying for several years to produce locally … This new model is expected in mid-2015.

Good news for Mazda, and probably a less good for those who courted it… Mazda is indeed a partner involved financially, allowing it to return its investment, without losing its financial and technical independence, or having to change the calendar’s launch of its new model.

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