2016 Paris Motor Show: Renault ZOE, with autonomy record

Renault presented at the 2016 Paris Motor Show an update of ZOE, one of the models from its range of electric vehicles sold in the European market.

Renault ZOE

It is a hatchback with five-door body, 4.08 meters long and attractive design that welcomed the new battery “ZE 40”, developed with LG Chem, with lithium ion technology and capacity of 41 kWh (instead of 22 kWh of the previous one).

This battery allows the model to have an extended range to 400 kilometers. Depending on the brand of Rombo, it is the “wider” offered by massive electric vehicles.

The brand new battery allows the Renault ZOE duplicate the autonomy that offered during its launch. An example in real conditions of use is that it offers a route of 300 kilometers in the city and surrounding areas.

The new battery can be recharged in 30 minutes enough energy for a range of 80 kilometers (at loading points of public access in Europe). It also offers rapid charging system Quick Charge.

The increase of the capacity of the battery is given thanks to the improvement of the chemistry of the cells of the same, and not by increasing its size with new modules. For this reason also its weight increased “moderately”.

The ZOE, which according to Renault is the electrical one most sold in the Europe market, has an electric motor with power 75 or 90 hp. It connects with an automatic gearbox with a speed and with the front wheel drive.